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Featured Mine for Sale: Riverwood Oil

  • Bakersfield, CA

  • Over 44.7 Million Barrels of oil reserves

  • All permits are up to date. Drilling can commence in 3 months

  • Equipment and Infrastructure is on-site and is in good-condition

$3,000,000 Joint Venture

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an excellent opportunity to Joint Venture or Purchase into an underdeveloped oil property in Bakersfield, CA known as Riverwood with over 44.7 Million Barrels of Oil Reserves. There's significant amounts of data from in 1985 that shows production of over 1700 bpd utilizing an enhanced recovery (steam).


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  • Telegraph Mine

    The Telegraph Mine is a fully permitted high-grade gold property located in Downieville, California in one of the richest districts of the CA Mother Lode.
    Over 3,000 acres which includes the 9 historical mines on the claims. These past producers have an excellent history and their full potential has never been realized.
    According to several historical reports the ore grades typically average greater than 1 opt Au with bonanza zones of 50-100+ opt Au. One known ore shoot produced 50 tons of ore that averaged over 70 opt.
    All the geological data on this property have been complied unto a master AutoCAD database. In addition to the extensive historical data, there are two modern published reports on the property. Professional Geologist John Ostler published the “Report on the Assets, Gold Reserves and Economic Potential of the Telegraph Property” on May 11, 1990. There is a Canadian National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report on the property published on February 12, 2012
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  • Blackhawk Mine

    The Blackhawk mine is permit and production ready, the mine is for sale for $5 Million.The Land is 131 Acres located in Lucerne Valley, San Bernardino County.
    The mine comes with VESTED RIGHTS and it is PRIVATE, PATENTED LAND. County approved of mining operations on this property. Furthermore, The Mine can also be approved to have a processing Facility on site.
    The Mine has total inferred reserves of 673,871 oz. of Gold (Based on 1985 Roger Ames Report) Silver is also located at the mine but Silver Reserve estimates have not been calculated.
    Geologists estimate that after processing, a total of 464,027 oz of Gold will be recovered (80% recovery rate). This adds up to $565,776,367 in Gold.
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  • Darwin Mines

    Group of Mines for sale: Ajax, Revenue, Coso, Ace, and Old Timer Mines located in Darwin, California
    Minerals include: Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, W, Cu and more. It is estimated by an international finance company that the total value of the AJAX, COSO, and REVENUE claims combined are 13.3 billion. There are no estimates for the ACE and OLD TIMER claims.
    Asking Price: $24 Million
    Land Size: 800 acres (Mining Claims)

    Mining Type: Lode and Open Pit
    The mine also contains $12 Million of reserves in the tailing piles
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  • Ten Sleep Gypsum Mine

    • Estimated Reserves: $23 Billion+
    • Minerals: Gypsum, Sulfur
    • Asking Price: $225 Million
    • Land: 17,000 Acres (Mining Claims)
    • Location: Big Horn County, Wyoming

    The largest high purity gypsum resource in North America, at 98% purity, estimated at slightly more than one billion tons. These deposits are secured by 108 association mining claims. All claims were staked before 1990; are properly located; and assessment work has been performed.
    There is one sole owner of the mineral rights. Letters from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management certify that the Mining Claim is considered Real Property and can be sold. Geological Reports and Mine Appraisals are available.The project’s net value is based on the estimated 1 Billion core ton gypsum deposit located within the 17,000 acre project.The mine has an estimated value of over $23 Billion based on the CPA Appraisals according to the US Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, January 2009.
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