Black Mountain Mine

Black Mountain Mine

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Yavapai County, Arizona

Precious Metals

Precious metals
Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Gallium and Indium



LEASE / OPTION or JV.Precious Metals: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Gallium and Indium.Geological Reports Available.Recent Drilling Reports

Rich Ore Mining, Inc. (RICH ORE A.K.A. ROM), an Arizona Corporation with its Arizona Field Office at it’s Hillside Property, Hillside Arizona has been issued two, 320 acre Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) Exploration Permits on the Black Mountain Diorite\Gabbro Mineral Aggregate Deposit that was discovered and permitted in 1988 by Mr. Richard Lundin and the team from Wondjina Research Institute (WRI). WRI was tasked by Mr. Mike Guzman of Guzman Construction, Inc. (GCI) to find, test, acquire and permit a major quarry mineral source that could produce construction­grade mineral aggregates that would meet Federal, ADOT and local standards and provide a +50 YEAR resource for the growing Prescott Region. (See Figure 1 for the location of the deposit)

As a result of its investigation of several potential quarry sites in the Prescott Region, WRI obtained a lease for GCI on two, private parcels held by Fain Land and Cattle Co. (FAIN) and obtained ASLD Prospecting Permits on two other parcels of Arizona State Trust Land that mainly covered what is now known as the Black Mountain Diorite\Gabbro Mineral Aggregate Deposit and a portion of the deposit is now operated as the CEMEX Black Mountain Quarry.

The Black Mountain Diorite\Gabbro Mineral Aggregate Deposit (Black Mountain Deposit) was discovered by Mr. Lundin from a search of the literature as a local source of railroad ballast in the 1880's through the 1950's and, after conversations with Mr. Bill Fain, permission to sample and test materials from the FAINparcels was obtained.

The samples proved that the unaltered diorite\gabbro material possessed excellent characteristics for the production of a variety of mineral aggregate products (Mineral Aggregate for PCCP and Asphaltic Concrete, all classes of Aggregate Base and a high Sand Equivalent (SE) Crusher Fine sand product).

WRI immediately commissioned baseline environmental studies for biological and cultural resources of the entire property. These were completed, respectively, by Dr. Archie Dickey and his BIOZONE Team members and Associates and Dr. Charles Hoffman and Ms. Carolyn Denis, NAU Archaeologists.

In addition, a series of +40, shallow (less than 99' in depth) airtrack drill holes were drilled by GCI on both the private and ASLD holdings to test the vertical extent of the favorable lithologies. This work was done under the supervision of Mr. George Ryberg, WRI Associate Geologist (See Figure 1 for the approximate location of this drilling program).

With the favorable results from the baseline environmental studies and the drilling program, Mr. Lundin obtained a Yavapai County Mining Exemption and WRI, then, turned the project and all materials over to GCI management.

GCI leased or sold the Black Mountain holdings to Meadow Valley Construction, who, initially, developed the open pit and produced ADOT and local standard aggregates for the growing Prescott Region market.

The Black Mountain Project holdings, then, went through several other parties and in the course of this activity, the ASLD Prospecting Permits were allowed to lapse.

Hanson Aggregates, a long­time Prescott Region aggregate and concrete producer, then, applied for and received from the ASLD Prospecting Permits on portions of the Black Mountain Deposit and did some additional work towards obtaining a ASLD Mining Permit.

In 2005 Hanson dropped its Prospecting Permits. This information was conveyed to Mr. Lundin, who had just formed the OHM\WME Joint Venture with Mr. O.H. Maxwell of Sonora California. It was jointly decided to apply for the vacant Black Mountain Project ASLD Prospecting Permits. This was quickly done and the ASLD accepted the applications and payments and designated the permits on the subject parcels as "PENDING".

As the principals in the OHM\WME Joint Venture, were busy organizing a new corporate entity, RICH ORE Mining, Inc. (RICH ORE), and acquiring other mining properties, the Black Mountain Deposit did not get the attention it deserved.

Later in 2005 and after several phone calls and letters to the ASLD regarding the status of the "PENDING" Prospecting Permit applications, the property was shifted to RICH ORE’s "back burner" for future work as a VMS Cu­Pb­Zn prospect. The rationale for this was that sulphide­bearing veins and masses of presumably older Precambrian sulphide facies exhalites were being found in outcrops on the ASLD holdings and the open pit on the FL&CC lease.

Years passed and despite several more calls to the ASLD and changes in ASLD mineral management, no progress was made in obtaining information on the progress of the "PENDING" applications.

During this period, CEMEX produced large quantities of all classes of high quality mineral aggregates meeting ADOT and local standards from the FL&CC Open Pit and are still producing to this day (See Figure 2).

In 2013, Mr. Lundin, now President and CEO of RICH ORE, received a call from Mr. Joe Dixon, the current Manager of the ASLD Minerals section and who stated that the long "PENDING" applications had been found when renovating an office and would RICH ORE be interested in, finally, still be interested in the Permits­that were already paid for in 2005.

After consultation with Mr. Maxwell, CFO of RICH ORE, it was decided that RICH ORE funds would be allocated for exploration\development of the Black Mountain Deposit as a major +250 million ton Mineral Aggregate resource and as having the Potential of economic VMS Cu­Pb­Zn­Au?­Ag?­In?­ Ga? deposits lying within the Black Mountain diorite\gabbro stock and other, nearby areas where copper occurrences in the diorite\gabbro units have been noted.

The RICH ORE model for the Black Mountain Deposit is that when as Older Precambrian exhalite inclusions or "roof pendants" or masses of partially absorbed Older Precambrian lithologies with disseminated sulphide mineralization are encased in later mafic volcanics the grade of the resulting mineralization is enhanced to current economic levels­especially for the gold and silver values. This model has been developed by Mr. Lundin and his associates over the past 40 years of VMS exploration in the Prescott Region and reflects the situation at the nearby Jerome District Cu­Pb­Zn­Au­Ag VMS deposits (See attached resume). In addition, recent work on the occurrence of Galium and Indium in association with VMS Pb­Zn deposits suggests that the potential for these specialty metals to exist within the Black Mountain Deposit should be further investigated.

RICH ORE now plans an aggressive program of detailed geological mapping, multi­source geophysical surveys and portable X­Ray Fluorescence (pXRF) geochemical surveys in the fall and winter of 2015­2016 on areas of the (see Figure 1 for the location of this work).


RICH ORE is seeking a major company to lease the property to confirm the extent of the Mineral Aggregate resource and possible VMS Cu­Pb­Zn­Au?­Ag?­ In?­Ga? tungsten potential of the system.

RICH ORE is willing to lease\assign the ASLD Permits (ASLD Permits 008­ 10734 & 008­10735, a total of 640 acres) to a on a Lease\Option basis (five years) with an escalating lease payment schedule for an initial payment of $5,000 and monthly payments of $5,000/month for the first year with a sale price of $20,000,000 plus a 2% NSR Royalty on recovered base, precious or specialty metals and $2.00\ton on all mineral aggregate products.

RICH ORE is ALSO willing to entertain proposals for Joint Venture exploration of the ASLD Permits. RICH ORE’s proposed 2015­2016 Phase I Exploration\Development Program would involve the detailed geological mapping, multi­source geophysical surveys and pXRF geochemical surveys by Dr. Patrick O’Hara, RICH ORE Associate Geologist & Professional Geologist (AIPG), Mr. George Ryberg, RICH ORE Associate Geologist and Mr. Richard Lundin, RICH ORE President, CEO and Professional Geologist (AIPG). With the rental of the geophysical and pXRF equipment, and the taking of geophysical and pXRF geochemical of over 500 sample sites the estimated budget for the work is $50,000.

The Board and Management of RICH ORE offers any reputable and knowledgeable party that would desire to invest $50,000 in this program would receive 50,000 shares of RICH ORE stock and the option to increase their interest in RICH ORE by the purchase of additional RICH ORE stock at a rate of $1.00\share.

Mr. Lundin is RICH ORE’s President and CEO and has extensive history of finding and developing mines and quarries in Arizona over 45 years in the mining industry.

Mr. Maxwell is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the University of California­Berkeley who holds several patents on discoveries he made during his long service in the aerospace industry. Mr. Maxwell’s family has developed mines in California and Nevada.

Mr. Lundin is a graduate Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA), Professional Geologist (AIPG) and mineral exploration consultant with degrees from Beloit College and Northern Arizona University who has conducted mineral exploration for Exxon, Phelps Dodge, Quintana Minerals, U.S. Borax, Westworld Oil and Gas, TexasGulf Western, Kiewit Mining and several other clients in the United States, Mexico and Australia for base, precious and industrial mineral deposits over the past 39 years. He is am currently permitting uranium, copper, gold, silver and aggregate mineral exploration and development projects in Northern and Central Arizona. He has discovered, developed and permitted major aggregate quarries in Yavapai County.

Mr. Lundin is the Director of the Wondjina Research Institute (WRI), a research and development organization exploring the utilization of advanced geophysical, geochemical and airbourne remote sensing technologies for mineral exploration and the evaluation of cultural and natural resources and is the owner of Wombat Mining & Exploration Co. (WME).

RICH ORE is an privately owned Arizona Corporation and has, to date, concentrated on development of its gold, silver, copper, molybdenum and uranium properties in Yavapai and Mohave Counties but will be conducting exploration for other base, precious, energy, specialty and industrial mineral deposits throughout the Southwest in 2013 



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