Deep Gold Project NV

Deep Gold Project NV

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10-20 million ounces of Au

Precious Metals

Precious metals
Gold and Copper

Asking Price

Asking price
$3-$15 Million (Negotiable)

Estimated Resources: 10-20 million oz. of Gold.JV: $3-$15 Million (Negotiable).Precious Metals: Gold and Copper.VTEM geophysical survey available

Executive Summary

Deep Gold Exploration, Inc. (DGE) is an exploration company engaged in a gold exploration program within the Walker Lane mineral belt of western Nevada. Phase one of the exploration program utilized a time- domain electromagnetic (VTEM) geophysical survey of the region which was followed-up by a surface geochemical reconnaissance survey of the defined target anomalies. The program to date has been  quite successful in delineating high resistivity anomalies demonstrating the presence of poly-metallic mineralization (gold, silver, and copper). Reserves are estimated at 10-20 million ounces Au.

The Walker Lane mineral belt has historically been the locus of high sulfidation epithermal gold and silver deposits as well as large porphyry copper deposits. Highlights of nearby epithermal gold/silver deposits include Goldfield at 4.19 million ounces Au and 1.45 million ounces Ag; Candelaria at 40.7 million ounces Ag and 104,455 ounces gold, Denton Rawhide at 2.0 million ounces Au and 12.1 million ounces Ag; Bullfrog at 2.3 million ounces Au and 3 million ounces Ag; and Paradise Peak at 1.6 million ounces Au and 24 million ounces Ag. Porphyry copper deposits in the region include those of the Yerington District, namely the Yerington- Anaconda deposit which contained 800 million pounds of copper.

The project area is on trend with and in close proximity to two large gold mines. The Paradise Peak Mine produced 1.6 million ounces of gold very near the DGE project. The on-trend Rawhide Mine produced over 2 million ounces of gold. DGE has performed a VTEM survey of a forty mile long area encompassing the Rawhide Mine and the Paradise Peak Mine. The VTEM survey shows deep seated siliceous structures that are indicative of igneous porphyry bodies containing huge amounts of copper, gold and silver at depth. This is supported by the presence of local outcrops containing high grades of gold, silver and copper up to 6% Cu, 1.5 oz. Au and 20 oz. Ag.

The project area has had limited exploration drilling, but only to shallow depths. Most of the area is covered with alluvium and volcanic flows, thus geophysical identification of the deep ore bodies is required. The VTEM survey shows porphyry bodies below the alluvium, however confirmation is needed to establish gold, silver and copper content within the porphyry bodies. A major copper and gold mining company’s principle geologist has reviewed the VTEM survey and visited the project site. His investigation identified porphyry stock- work, which combined with the high grades of ore at the surface and nearby epithermal deposits discussed above, indicate to him that a significant porphyry body lies beneath the project area. Based on his study of the area, he has recommended a confirming Induced Polarization (IP) survey to quantify the depth and breadth of the copper- gold porphyry deposit.

DGE is seeking a financial partner to fund the IP survey and complete delineation drilling into the porphyry body. Once this is accomplished, DGE will sell the project to a major gold/copper mining company for cash and a retained royalty.

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