Governor Gold Mine

Governor Gold Mine

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Acton, California

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Private and Patented Land. 93.7 Acres in Acton, California


93 Acres of Private Patented Land.

In the mid-80's a core drilling program was conducted to explore the mineral content in the Governor Mine. The exploration consisted of 25 drill holes, some of which reached up to 1,000 feet in depth. The core drilling program discovered an adjacent ore body that has never been mined. Drill samples from this exploration were taken to a lab and analyzed. The results found over $4 Billion worth of gold (at today's gold price)

Why have these Gold Reserves never been mined?

Because historically, Governor Gage mined a much smaller adjacent ore body. The Governor's geologists and miners were not aware of the location of the main ore body. It wasn't until the core drilling program was conducted in the mid-80's, have we been able to truly understand the characteristics and location of the main gold ore body. The old miners of the 1940's didn't find the majority of the gold reserves because they were unaware of the geological shift that moved the primary ore body.

In the 1940's, the Governor Mine was the largest gold producer in LA County. With the discovery of the untapped adjacent ore body, the Governor Mine has immense economic potential today.

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