Gold Claims for Sale - Natchez Pass Mine

Gold Claims for Sale - Natchez Pass Mine

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Pershing County, Nevada




660 Acres (Mining Claims)

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Turn-key operation needing minimal repairs to the placer mill onsite, the purchase of heavy equipment, and a reclamation bond placed with the BLM.


The 660 acre claim block is located on BLM land and consists of 25 lode claims and 8 placer claims. All gold claims for Sale are unpatented and in good standing.The Property is located in the Sierra Mining District within the Humboldt River Basin in northern Nevada.

The Property is a turn-key operation needing minimal repairs to the placer mill onsite, the purchase of heavy equipment, and a reclamation bond placed with the BLM. 

The full extent of the placer deposits located on this Property can only be speculated at this time. What is known is that the target surface area is quite extensive. Ideally situated and historically the gravel depths in the canyon range from 18-40 feet. It is expected that there is a very large and valuable placer deposit on the Property. Recent due diligence testing by AIVN and DTOR substantiates the presence of a substantial placer gold deposit.

The placer gold potential alone makes this mining venture financially attractive. However, geological evidence indicates potential reserves in the lode deposits, located on the property, could be significantly greater than in the channels. According to the visible underground and surface geologic showings, there are at least 3 quartz veins, or shear zones containing multiple auriferous anomalies, located on the claims.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently completed a mineral resource assessment of the basin and northern Nevada that indicates many areas in the region may contain significant undiscovered gold and silver deposits.

Existing surface improvements on the Property include a two acre millsite area with a fully equipped 400 yard per hour placer recovery circuit, 50,000 gallon water storage tank, three recirculation ponds, and a tool/parts inventory storage shed. The site has a good access road as well as on site work roads with MSHA mandated safety berms. Also on-site is a 1000 square foot, two bedroom house in good condition ideally suited for housing a security person, mine office, communications center and operations headquarters. Estimated value of the existing surface improvements is $1M.

Current contract mining prices on running underground drift range from $400-$600 per foot of completed drift. Based on these costs it is estimated that the present day development cost of the current workings is estimated to be $1.2M.



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