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PEQ Mine

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Elko County, NV


Au, Cr, Fe, +Hg, P, +Sb, Sn, Te and Zn


17 Claims

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The intense breccia systems, combining the extensive jasper zone and ore grade karst breccias forming the center of the breached anticline complex, would form a prime geophysical target. This large system has the characteristics of yet another major Nevada Claim type mine and district.


A total of 105 individual gossans and mineralized carbonate samples were obtained from sleep dipping structures, conformable bedding and breccia zones within the 17 PEQ claims centered in T37N R65E, Pequop Mountains. Elko County. Nevada owned by AURICA RESOURCES LLC. Gold values reach 3.888 ppb in karst type breccias containing a sugary dolomitic and gossanous matrix. Select hydrothermal indicator elements are elevated coinciding with anomalous gold concentrations. Hydrothermal mineralization is represented as

1) straigraphic cellular gossans in the basal shale.

2) an open pit excavated for barite, containing, massive gossans

3) a trench-shaft complex containing both low and high angle multiple extensively leached gossans,

4) dolomitic altered ferruginous limestone outcrops.

5) multiple generations of brown-red-orange siliceous *jasper* type stock work mineralization containing zones of probable jarosite as bedding plane replacements, veins and breccia matrix, with individual bodies exceeding 100 feet in width,

6) low angle dolomitically altered and gossanous granular 'sanded" breccia structures and

7) mineralized karst type breccias.

These various overlapping mineral systems display angular exotic red-brown-orange limonite and goethite open box work textures indicative of leached base and precious metal sulfides. Contoured gold assays reveal anomalous values tracing a north-northeast pattern conforming to a complex north plunging multiple fold and axial plane breccia pattern. The "jasper' mineralization occupies an area of approximately 94 acres recording widths to 3.200 feet and conforms to the "V shape of the anticlinal fold plunge. The mineralization, along the axies of the fold complex, averages +1,000 feet in width. Wide spread and overlapping distribution of these mineralized facies indicates the claim group is severely under sampled. Photo geology, field geology and geochemistry suggest this mineralized trend extends +5.000 feet along strike conforming to the mapped complex structural trends. Air photo interpretations reveal this impressive regional siliceous hydrothermal breccia zone forms a linear topographic ridge representing a breached, possibly recumbent, anticlinal fold. The host rock is interpreted as the Devonian Pilot Shale and Mississippian Joana limestone in fault contact with Mississippian carbonates and underlain by multiple thrust plates winch displace Ordovician sediments. The PEQ claims contain similarities with Alligator Ridge stratigraphy and mineralization style suggesting a distinct correlation with this very profitable gold mine.


A total of 105 rock chip samples were assayed by fire and ICP methods and the previous three samples (1996) were fire assayed for Au and As (Appendix II). In addition, a total of six third party sample results have been added to the sample suite (Map 5).

The balance of the samples (PE 17-105; Tables 2 and 4) represent various jasper occurrences, karst type breccias, tectonic breccias, iron stained and dolomitically altered carbonate rocks. High correlation coefficients with gold indude: Cr, Fe, +Hg, P, +Sb, Sn, Te and Zn. The highest V and Pb values occur in this area. The negative coefficients illustrate that the gold deposition depletes Ca.

It is considered that this region is lightly prospected and mis-understood relative to adjacent developing mineralization. The impressive area of jasper deposition associated with highly anomalous values would suggest the presence of an underlying large mineralized body associated with a complex structural system. The NNE extension of this plunging structure, averaging 1.000 feet wide and 5.000 feet long, contains ore grade gold values. Clearly this constitutes a major exploration target capable of hosting a major precious metal mine containing stark similarities to the Alligator Ridge gold mine.

Detailed geological and geochemical evaluation of claims and the region should be followed by preliminary geophysics. A combination of these techniques would furnish drill targets to evaluate the suspected major massive base and precious metal bodies to be found below the zone of oxidation possibly in relation to the underlying Joana-Pilot contact. The intense breccia systems, combining the extensive jasper zone and ore grade karst breccias forming the center of the breached anticline complex, would form a prime geophysical target. This large system has the characteristics of yet another major Nevada Carlin type mine and district. 



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